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Callebaut (Belgium) Speciality Chocolate 30.4%, GOLD - 400Gr Coins
Description The new colour and taste in Finest Belgian Chocolate."Gold" has an intense yet balanced caramel chocolate taste, with rich notes of toffee, butter, cream, and a dash of salt. Gold has a unique, warm caramel and pale amber colour,...
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Mona Lisa (Belgium) Crispy Cereals Coated with Salted Caramel Chocolate CRISPEARLS SALTED CARAMEL - 800gr Bag
Description Tiny, shiny pearls in caramel milk chocolate with a crunchy, toasted biscuit inside. Chocolate indulgence and lovely crisp in one. IngredientsMilk and white chocolate with caramel flavour: sugar, cocoa butter, caramel powder (condensed whole milk, sugar, glucose syrup, salt,...
Dhs. 91.00
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Sugart (Greece) Decor SUGAR HEARTS Multicoloured - 500gr Pack
Description Multicoloured Sugar Hearts to decorate all your creations.    IngredientsSugar Powder (sugar & corn starch); Water; Sunflower Oil; Potato Starch; Rice Flour; Invertin; Vanillin; Shellac E904, Colors: E133 Brilliant Blue, E110 Sunset Yellow, E100 Curcumin, E129 Allura Red.
Dhs. 49.00
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Callebaut (Belgium) Dark Chocolate 70%, 70-30-38 - 400Gr Coins
Description When dark and intense is what you're looking for, recipe 70-30-38 is perfect to boost the chocolate flavours in your creations. At the same time, it leaves more space for creativity with pairings than many other chocolates with a comparable...
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Instabar (Greece) Organic Almond & Fig Fruit and Nut Bar - Organic, Gluten & Lactose Free - Pack of 10 x 35g Bars
Description Pack an organic punch with almonds and dried figs. We combine these gems of nature with pumpkin seeds, cashews and a spot of honey to create this nourishing organic snack bar that goes perfectly with your morning yogurt or...
Dhs. 69.00
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Martellato (Italy) Transparent Polystyrene Cup PMOCO001 - 100pcs Pack
Description Transparent Cup, 90ml Size: Ø65 x h55mm Lid available separately PMOCO001/C. Material This article is produced in transparent crystal polystyrene.
Dhs. 82.00
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Cacao Barry (France) White Chocolate 29%, BLANC SATIN - 5kg Coins
DescriptionThis deliciously creamy white chocolate couverture offers a fabulous sweet intensity and delicious notes of caramel and vanilla. IngredientsSugar; cocoa butter; skimmed milk powder; anhydrous milk fat; emulsifier: soya lecithin; natural vanilla flavouring. Composition Fluidity Taste Profile Pairing TipsVanilla | Cloves |...
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Description Ready to use UHT non-dairy topping for use in cake and fine pastry application before whipping, chill the product for at least 12 hours to between 5-8°C.Usage rate / recipe.Whip at medium speed until the desired consistency is obtained.Once...
Dhs. 13.50
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Cacao Barry (France) 100% Pure Cocoa Powder 22-24%, EXTRA BRUTE - 2.5kg Bag
Description100% pure cocoa, 22/24% fat   A bright and intense red color, this cocoa powder is ideal for coating truffles or for an amber dusting. IngredientsCocoa powder between 22 and 24% of cocoa butter ApplicationsGanache/Filling | Coating/Glazing | Baking |...
Dhs. 148.00
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Callebaut (Belgium) RUBY Chocolate 47.3%, 400Gr Coins
Description After dark, milk and white, ruby is the most uncommon chocolate discovery in 80 years. This gift of mother nature surprises and bedazzles with a completely new chocolate taste and colour experience, born from the ruby cocoa bean, without...
Dhs. 36.00
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