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Cacao Barry (France) 100% Pure Cocoa Powder 22-24%, EXTRA BRUTE - 2.5kg Bag
Description100% pure cocoa, 22/24% fat   A bright and intense red color, this cocoa powder is ideal for coating truffles or for an amber dusting. IngredientsCocoa powder between 22 and 24% of cocoa butter ApplicationsGanache/Filling | Coating/Glazing | Baking |...
Dhs. 148.00
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Van Houten (Sweden) 100% Cocoa 10-12%, INTENSE DEEP BLACK - 1kg Bag
Description 100% cocoa, 10-12% cocoa butter Overwhelming cocoa taste & strong alkali notes. Perfect for baking very dark (almost black) biscuits & cakes. Unrivalled deep, dark colour. IngredientsFat reduced cocoa powder; acidity regulator: E524 sodium hydroxide; E501i potassium carbonate. ApplicationsBaking...
Dhs. 79.00
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Van Houten (Sweden) 100% Cocoa 20-22%, ORIGIN CAMEROON - 1kg Bag
Description 100% cocoa, origin Cameroon, 20-22% cocoa butter Powerful chocolaty taste. Strong bitter notes & typical smoky hint. Deep dark red colour. IngredientsCocoa powder Cameroon; acidity regulator: E501i potassium carbonate. ApplicationsBaking | Ice Cream/Gelato
Dhs. 60.00
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Van Houten (Sweden) 100% Cocoa Highly Defatted Powder ROUND DARK BROWN - 750gr Bag
Description100% cocoa - highly defatted (<1% cocoa butter).Adds a rich chocolate flavour to recipes, with the least calories possible. Pleasant bitter notes & subtle acidic hints, very light mouthfeel. Deep dark brown colour. IngredientsFat-reduced cocoa powder; acidity regulator: E501i potassium...
Dhs. 106.00
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