Martellato Electric table turner for pastry SPINNER
Spinner is an electric cake turntable designed for icing and decorating sweet and savoury culinary creations. It features a powerful electric gearmotor and has a knob on the front of the device for controlling the direction of rotation - clockwise/anticlockwise -...
Dhs. 2,812.00
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Martellato Mini Chocolate Melter Deep 1.7lt MC10
This mini chocolate melter is the easiest way to melt your chocolate and keep it at the right temperature while you use it. With 1.7Lt basin capacity you will have plenty on hand for a fondue party or any time...
Dhs. 2,045.00
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Martellato Mini Meltinchoc Chocolate Melter 1.8L MC09 - Grey
The mini dry chocolate melter Mini Meltinchoc is suitable both in laboratories for small productions of pralines and subjects, and in ice-cream shops for covering ice-creams and desserts on sticks.The contained capacity allows the processing of small quantities of chocolate...
Dhs. 852.00
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