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100% Pure Pistachio Paste Nut Based Filling - 1kg Bucket
100% pistachios in a smooth, homogeneous paste.Pure Pistachio Paste is a 100% pure, natural and unsweetened paste made from lightly roasted and finely ground pistachios. It has a fresh green colour and a fruity taste with toasted hints. IngredientsPistachio 100%...
Dhs. 596.50
Hazelnut Praline Paste Nut Based Filling - 5kg Bucket
Praline with 50% medium roasted hazelnuts.The hazelnuts are then mildly roasted, ground, mixed with sugar and rolled into golden smooth praline. You can expect a pleasantly sweet taste with an abundance of fruity notes and mild toasted hints. Ingredientshazelnuts; sugar;...
Dhs. 537.00
100%, Pure Hazelnut Paste Nut Based Filling - 5kg Bucket
Pure Roasted Hazelnut Paste100% hazelnuts in a smooth, golden paste.Powerful hazelnut flavour with aromatic roasted flavour - very smooth texture.Smooth and unsweetened paste for flavouring. IngredientsHazelnut 100% How to use Mix with chocolate or into ganaches to create bonbon fillings....
Dhs. 784.00
Almond & Hazelnut Paste Nut Based Filling - 5kg Bucket
This praline combines almonds (24%) and hazelnuts (24%) to create a balance in both intense and very subtle nut flavours.Warm golden colour and velvety mouthfeel. Pleasant sweet taste with a delicate balance taste of roasted almonds with intense hazelnut notes...
Dhs. 494.50
Almond Praline Paste Nut Based Filling - 5kg Bucket
Description Praline is made with 46.2% premium almonds – only mildly roasted for a fresh, fruity almond taste. Golden brown smooth paste with a caramelized and mildly roasted almond taste. IngredientsSugar; almonds; vegetable fat (sunflower oil); emulsifier: soya lecithin; natural...
Dhs. 435.00
Gianduja Milk - 5kg Block
Mix of 75% milk chocolate and 25% hazelnuts.A creamy mixture of milk chocolate and medium roasted hazelnut paste. Semi-solid crème which is easy to cut. IngredientsSugar; hazelnuts; cocoa butter; whole milk powder; cocoa mass; emulsifier; soya lecithin; natural identical flavouring...
Dhs. 554.00
Gianduja Dark - 5kg Block
Mix of 70% dark chocolate and 30% hazelnuts. Gianduja Dark is a smooth and creamy mix of Callebaut®'s dark chocolate and a pure hazelnut paste.Semi-solid crème - easy to cut. Ingredients Sugar; hazelnuts; cocoa mass; cocoa butter; emulsifier: soya lecithin; natural identical...
Dhs. 494.50
Callebaut Crema 811 Dark Chocolate Filling 5KG
Fill your croissants, cream puffs and mini tarts with the iconic taste of Callebaut® 811 dark chocolate! This superior cream filling is especially made with trusted & noble ingredients for artisans and pastry chefs looking for a rich & rewarding...
Dhs. 241.50
Callebaut Crema Doppia Nocciola Chocolate Hazelnut Filling 5KG
Looking for a premium cream filling created for real artisans? Crema Doppia Nocciola is a delicious nut crema made with 18,5% freshly roasted hazelnuts. They're shelled just moments before roasting so they release their authentic taste & reliable texture. Combined...
Dhs. 298.50
Callebaut Crema Nocciola Chocolate Hazelnut Filling 10KG
Crema Nocciola is a quality cream filling especially made for artisan bakers and pastry chefs. This new nut crema is composed with 12% freshly roasted hazelnuts, shelled only minutes before roasting to unleash their pure, natural taste. It's paired with...
Dhs. 667.50
Marron Glacé -1kg Jar
Description Marron Glacé is a premium quality chestnut product made of whole, natural chestnuts that are candied in a rich vanilla syrup and coated with a thin glaze. Enjoy the unique flavor and texture of this special treat. 22g –...
Dhs. 400.00
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