Cream Stabilizer CHARLOTTE NEUTRAL - 1kg Bag
Description Charlotte Neutral Powdered fresh cream stabilizer for production of dairy cream cakes, slices, and desserts. Good solubility, cold soluble ׀ Neutral flavour ׀ Cut- and freeze-stable ׀ Versatile in use ׀ Easy to use IngredientsSugar; lactose; dextrose; bovine gelatine;...
Dhs. 50.00
Cream Stabilizer CHARLOTTE CREAM CHEESE - 1kg Bag
Description Powdered, cold soluble fresh cream stabilizer for the production of freeze-and cut stable fresh cream cakes, slices, and fillings.Good cream cheese flavour ׀ With freeze-dried cream cheese ׀ Quick and easy to use ׀ Versatile in use. IngredientsSugar; powdered...
Dhs. 68.50
Pre Mix CRÈME BRULEE - 1kg Bag
Description Mix to prepare desserts à la Crème Brûlée. Quick and easy to use ׀ Soft structure and full taste ׀ Very short boiling time ׀ Freeze-stable. Ingredients Sugar; modified starch; flavouring; gelling agent carrageen; colours carotenes and riboflavins; salt;...
Dhs. 41.00
Pre Mix CRÈME CARAMEL - 1kg Bag
  Description Crème Caramel fine dessert powder to produce caramel flans and desserts. Quick and easy to use ׀ Soft structure and full taste ׀ Very short boiling time ׀ Freeze-stable and economic in use. Ingredients Sugar; modified starch; gelling...
Dhs. 42.50
Butter Cream SCHNELLKREM - 2.5kg Block
Description Basic cream to produce light fat creams.High volume | Can be re-whipped | Fast and easy to use | Can be whipped with liquid Can be flavoured with Confectionery Pastes Ingredients Sugar; palm fat; rapeseed oil; skimmed milk powder;...
Dhs. 77.00
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