Fragments of Very Thin Crepes, Paillete Feuilletine - 2.5kg bag
Description Fragments of very thin pancakes with a honeycomb texture for pralines, bonbons, and pastries. Ingredientswheat flour; sugar; milkfat; whey powder; salt; barley malt flour; raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate. ApplicationsFilling | Inclusion       
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Milk Chocolate 35%, Papouasie - 2.5kg Coins
Description This Papua Origin milk chocolate couverture, very creamy, discloses pretty fruity notes of hazelnuts, crowned with a hint of caramel. IngredientsSugar; cocoa butter; whole milk powder; cocoa mass; emulsifier: soya lecithin; natural vanilla. Composition Fluidity Taste Profile Pairing TipsGinger Bread |...
Dhs. 218.00
RAY-DIGITAL Digital Thermometer
Description Multi-purpose thermometer for kitchen with digital display. This thermometer can be used for chocolate tempering but also for any oven or BBQ grills. Temperature range: -50˚C +300˚C Sharp and sensitive probe. Protective plastic sheath.Sensor wire size: 150mm  
Dhs. 30.00
Cocoa Butter - 4kg Bucket
Description Pure cocoa butter, deodorized, pressed from whole roasted cocoa beans - neutral in colour and taste. How to useMelt and temper, and then colour or flavour to the desired taste or color with fat-soluble colourants and/ or flavours. Ingredientscocoa...
Dhs. 426.00
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Disposable Pastry Bag - 100pcs Box - 460 x 280mm
Description Disposable pipping bag made of multilayer material, resistant, flexible and hygienically safe. It is smooth on the inside, in order to ensure an easier product outflow. Moreover, the special “soft touch grip” on the outside enables a perfect hold...
Dhs. 97.00
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Martellato Washable Pastry Bag - 340mm
Description Silicone piping bag, super resistant and washable.Material Silicone
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Orange Frozen Fruit'Zest - 500gr Tub
Ingredients Crushed fruit peels 100% Unpasteurized Main origin Spain Storage conditionStore in freezer. Do not thaw and refreeze. *Packaging Tub (1kg) Polypropylene pot adapted for deep freezing of food;Peel-off film for perfect hygiene and product conservation;Low, compact rectangular form making it easy to hold and easy to store;Microwave safe;Resistant to shocks;Translucent so the product is visible;Reusable by the client;Molded lid in the same material as the pot: highly resistant and resealable for the best possible conservation of the product; ApplicationsGanache/Filling | Dessert | Ice Cream/Gelato | Beverages
Dhs. 58.05
Almond & Hazelnut Paste Nut Based Filling - 5kg Bucket
Description This praline combines almonds (24%) and hazelnuts (24%) to create a balance in both intense and very subtle nut flavours. Warm golden colour and velvety mouthfeel. Pleasant sweet taste with a delicate balance taste of roasted almonds with intense...
Dhs. 396.00
100%, Pure Hazelnut Paste Nut Based Filling - 5kg Bucket
Description Pure Roasted Hazelnut Paste 100% hazelnuts in a smooth, golden paste. Powerful hazelnut flavour with aromatic roasted flavour - very smooth texture. Smooth and unsweetened paste for flavouring. IngredientsHazelnut 100% How to use Mix with chocolate or into ganaches...
Dhs. 630.00
Dark Chocolate 70%, Ocoa™ - 5kg Coins
Description A distinctive dark chocolate with good cocoa taste and a hint of acidity.A "new generation" chocolate with a pure and intense taste of cocoa, thanks to the new and unique method of fermentation : the Q fermentation. IngredientsCocoa mass,...
Dhs. 403.00
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