Fresh UHT Cooking Cream 15% Fat - 1L Box
Description Cooking cream15% milk fat. The EVEN UTH Cooking Cream for your delicious recipes, you can use in savory dishes or desserts. With a delicious taste this French cream satisfy your taste buds. IngredientsPasteurized milk cream 15% fat;  modified corn...
Dhs. 23.00
Fresh UHT Whipping Cream 35% Fat - 1L Box
Description Whipping cream 35% milk fat. The EVEN UTH Cream is a great addition to your cooking ingredients. It is ideal as a topping for various desserts, use it in your pastry cream and ganache, or even as a thickener...
Dhs. 31.50
Sold Out
Fresh Cream Cheese Neutral - 2kg Block
Description Cream Cheese 60% Fat, this fresh cream cheese, with a creamy texture and a slightly yellow cheese dough has a fine, pure, slightly sour taste. It is ideal for pastries such the cheese cake or frostings... perfect for anyone...
Dhs. 130.00
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