Prefamac (Belgium) Stainless Steel Gastronorm Melting Tray 1 x 20L

Prefamac (Belgium) Stainless Steel Gastronorm Melting Tray 1 x 20L

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Chocolate Gastronorm for melting chocolate with removable tray. This 20Lt melter, equipped with mechanical thermostat, allows you to melt your chocolate like a “pro” now from your kitchen.
The electrical heater (no water required) melts your chocolate perfectly, without the microwave or bain marie mess. Now your chocolate is ready to temper and be transformed in your favorite chocolate bar or chocolate praline.
The tray comes with a lid, once you finish you can close the lid and keep the chocolate inside till next use.

Mode of use:

- Set the knob at the desired temperature.
- The temperature indicated of the knob might not be the real temperature, it is advisable to check the temperature with the suitable thermometer for food use (RAY-DIGITAL).
- Do not use the melter with an empty basin.
- We recommend stirring occasionally to maintain a uniform temperature of the mass throughout the process.

Cleaning procedure
Remove basin, clean with hot water and soap. If any chocolate was dripping inside the machine, clean with a wet cloth and soap, do not immerge the machine in water.

Technical characteristics
Size: 650 x 440 x h290mm, 20LT
Single phase 220-240V 50Hz
Stainless steel construction