Deco Relief (France) Food Spray for Unmoulding - 500ml

Deco Relief (France) Food Spray for Unmoulding - 500ml

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This food fat spray for pastry and bakery will allow you to unmould easily all your deserts or baked products, even in moulds with delicate details.
This greasing spray allows greasing easily in a hygienic manner your moulds or baking bands, even in the most inaccessible details.
Based on Colza vegetal oil, this spray does not alter the taste of your preparation.

Colza vegetable oil; E903; vegetable wax; emulsifier: lecithin. Propellant gas: butane. 

How to use:

- Shake well before use.
- Hold your mould at a distance of 10-15cm and spray a thin layer of material on the walls of your mould. The product remains stable on the mould, without dripping.