Callebaut (Belgium) Tintoretto Coconut - 5kg Block

Callebaut (Belgium) Tintoretto Coconut - 5kg Block

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White creamy filling for chocolates with smooth, creamy mouthfeel and coconut. Tintoretto Coconut makes for a wonderful base to create your customised fillings with long shelf life. Mixing it with textures like ground coffee, cocoa nibs or pailleté feuilletine, turns your Tintoretto filling into an exciting praline centre that enhances the taste sensation.

Crunchy textures remain fresh and crispy for long when mixed into Tintoretto thanks to its unique recipe and composition. Chocolates or chocolate bars filled with Tintoretto have a long shelf life. 

Vegetable fat; sugar; skimmed milk powder; milk sugar; emulsifier: soya lecithin; flavourings

How to use
Melt at 45°C, cool down to 26°C and use.